Hibernate criteria IN clause: List size more than 1000 values

If list size is more than 1000 values in IN CLAUSE then it throws below oracle error:

Error : ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000

Oracle does not allow more than 1000 parameter values in a IN clause. 

Avoiding Error By Oracle :
You could use one of the workarounds i.e. By Splitting the IN Clause list into several sub-clauses

Avoiding Error By Hibernate :
Creating a generic method (utility method) in a class HibernateBuildInCriterion to build the Criterion Query IN clause if the number of parameter values passed has a size more than 1000.

class HibernateBuildInCriterion {

private static final int PARAMETER_LIMIT = 800;

public static Criterion buildInCriterion(String propertyName, List<?> values) {
 Criterion criterion = null;
 int listSize = values.size();
 for (int i = 0; i < listSize; i += PARAMETER_LIMIT) {
 List<?> subList;
 if (listSize > i + PARAMETER_LIMIT) {
    subList = values.subList(i, (i + PARAMETER_LIMIT));
   } else {
    subList = values.subList(i, listSize);
 if (criterion != null) {
    criterion = Restrictions.or(criterion, Restrictions.in(propertyName, subList));
   } else {
    criterion = Restrictions.in(propertyName, subList);
 return criterion;


Need to add the below line wherever we use IN CLAUSE.

criteria.add(HibernateBuildInCriterion.buildInCriterion(propertyName, list));

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